Curbside & Online Ordering

Please practice EXTREME SOCIAL DISTANCING while visiting our  dispensary locations. 



TweedLeaf Online Ordering Curbside Pick-Up
Federal & Trinidad Locations
Policies and Procedures


Date: April 25, 2020

Location: TweedLeaf Federal Boulevard & Trinidad
Effective: April 25, 2020

Policy Summary

TweedLeaf at the Federal Boulevard and Trinidad locations will provide online ordering and curbside pickup which will allow our customers at this location with an alternative to entering the store to pick-up their adult-use marijuana purchase and order. To compliantly execute this new and safer service option for TweedLeaf, and to provide a safer transactional environment for our patients, customers, and staff members to interact with one another, TweedLeaf is implementing the the following Curbside Pick-Up policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are designed and written for TweedLeaf to conduct in the Federal Boulevard and Trinidad locations of TweedLeaf.  They comply with MED and Colorado government orders for curbside pickup only for retail businesses, and as per Adams County and Trinidad City Marijuana Regulations guidelines.

Pickup Policies and Procedures


*NOTE: Patients and Customers who are sick, or not feeling well, are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to stay home, even if they’re picking up via our curbside.

  1. Upon receiving call/text from customer for curbside pickup:

    1. Ask which parking spot they are located at, indicated by 1-4 for the front four parking spots.

    2. Request the customer to prepare payment and legal form of identification following Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) regulations. 

  2. After confirming the customer's parking spot check that these criteria are met:

    1. There is at least one available payment register.

  3. One additional employee is inside the dispensary area to prepare the order.

    1. If the above criteria are met, leave the dispensary walking up to the customers car after ensuring there is no car pulling up into the immediate area. 

  4. Request and receive the payment card and legal form of identification from the customer.

  5. (Possible search for minors in vehicle)

  6. Walk back into the dispensary and check if the form of identification is valid, they have an account in weave, and they have an online order. 

    1. If the form of identification is not approved by Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) guidelines, take the form of identification back to the customer parked outside and request the customer provide another form of identification. If they fail to provide an approved form of identification, return all customers' ID and payment. Then kindly ask the customer to leave the premises and come back with a valid form of identification. Do not proceed to future steps.

    2. If the form of identification is approved by MED guidelines proceed to the following steps:

      1. If a customer doesn’t have an account in weave, create one for them.

      2. Check in the customer into Point-of-Sale System.

      3. Check that the customer has an active online order.

      4. If the customer doesn't have an active order online. Return to the customer outside, and either help the customer make an online order on their phone or ask them if they would prefer to come inside to purchase the products.  

  7. When the above items in step 6 are confirmed. Have the other employee with gloves use the open terminal to fulfill the online order following typical SOP’s when checking out a customer using the Point-of-Sale system. 

  8. Double check that all items are sealed inside the exit packaging, then seal the package stapling the receipt printed to the package.

  9. Then proceed to take the packaged products, customers form of identification, the customer's form of payment, and a pen to sign the receipt and possible tip to the customer parked outside.

  10. After ensuring the customer is content with the transaction remove gloves and proceed back inside the dispensary. When inside wash hands with hand sanitizer.